Without a Song

Hello, and welcome to my website!

This site will give you a brief idea of who I am, what I have done with my career and, lastly, what the latest news is regarding the Studio and upcoming concerts and recitals.

So, make yourself at home, and please have a look around!

I want to thank all of my wonderful students for their dedication and hard work.  Congratulations to all for their successes….in L.A. doing films, at the MUNY OPERA, STAGES, Miss Illinois Pre- Teen Pageant, Ms. Senior Missouri Pageant (of which I had the pleasure of being one of the 2013 Judges), and so many more local theatres, and theatres nationwide!

I am very proud of you!


Announcing the new Concerts International Performance Studio!  It will be up and running February 1st.  For more information, and booking, please email Mary Meidinger at  cisperformancestudio@live.com