“Garrett States changed my life. I started to taking lessons from him at a very early age and still do. He is more than an excellent instructor, he is a genuinely an incredible artist and human being. I have used some of his services doing voice-over, film, commercial, and theatrical auditions and much more. He always find a way to fit you into his schedule so that you never walk away unsatisfied. He is the BEST. If you are serious about your craft and want to dive deeper into it than I cannot recommend him enough.”


“Garrett is worth his weight in gold! Both of my daughters have worked with Garrett and have improved dramatically. They love working with him and come away from lessons feeling inspired. His incredible depth of knowledge and encouraging attitude combine to form a wonderful experience!”


“I came back to voice lessons after a 16 year absence! I had originally studied with a prominent female teacher in St. Louis, but found the experience to be tiring and nerve-wracking. All the criticism left me in tears after classes, and as a young girl, I needed encouragement and faith and for my teacher, who I trusted, to believe in me. After two years of studying she told me I’d never make it as a singer – only as an actress. Cut to 16 years later, when I found Garrett. From the moment I met him, I felt completely at ease and welcome and appreciated. He is a phenomenal teacher. Because I feel so comfortable with him, I am able to learn in a relaxed environment that is encouraging and entirely fun. I am improving by leaps and bounds due to this man. Anyone who is passionate about singing and looking for a teacher, please contact Garrett first! His extensive experience as a very successful performer makes him a wonderful, compassionate instructor. We are wildly lucky to have him in St. Louis!”


“I worked with Garrett States for my four years during high school and I still go back to visit him when I’m home from college. Don’t think that if you’re not interested in musical theater that Garrett isn’t for you. I started with Garrett when I needed to learn how to sing back-up vocals for my metal band. Then, I recommended my band’s singer/screamer to him. If that doesn’t prove to you how versatile Garrett States is as a teacher, then I don’t know what will. He will work with you to find what you want out of a vocal or acting coach and he will show you how to reach your goals. He really goes beyond being a vocal teacher, he is genuinely interested in all of his students and cares immensely about every student’s progress. It seems like he took the ambitiousness of his performing career, bumped it up a few notches, and transferred it to his teaching career.”


“Garrett States has been an amazing teacher and support. He helped my oldest daughter expand her range and repertoire well beyond where she was when she started. His support and caring helped her make it through some tougher auditions and achieve several great accomplishments. He coached her through college auditions with both acting and voice and she got into her choice of a school. Since then his continued emotional support and help has aided her through several auditions where she has been the only freshman to get as far as she did. My younger daughter also takes from him and, as in the past with her sister, the weekly lessons are fun, educational and a big confidence booster. In addition, Garrett States has a wonderful relationship with his students and helps them navigate the professional, emotional, musical and acting aspects of performing.”


“Garrett knows what all master teachers know – that building a rapport of trust with a student is essential to achieving any high goals. At each session, Garrett builds positive rapport because he knows that the process of learning to sing well often asks a student to take a risk. On a scale of 1 to 5 stars, Garrett Liam States solidly deserves 5 stars for his work with me over these past years. Mr. States has improved my voice by encouraging me to put emphasis on important qualities of vocal excellence including creative and critical thinking, resonance, focus and on the placing of my voice. Working with Garrett Liam States is one highlight of each week for me.”


“Garrett Liam States is a rare find! My 14 year old son has been working with Garrett for less than a year and has made impressive strides! He came to Garrett for help with his “changing” voice but has received so much more. Garrett is an awesome vocal coach but also a brilliant life coach who takes a true interest in his students. Not only has my son’s voice benefitted from Garret but his presentation and confidence as well. AND all of this presented in a personable and (yes, sometimes) humorous manner. We love him and are looking forward to another great year of learning, laughing, and performing!”


“Garrett Liam States is an amazing vocal coach! I am a middle-aged business person that could not carry a tune three years ago despite a great desire to sing in public. Garrett patiently and methodically taught me how to hear notes via the keyboard and with accompanied cds. He guided me in establishing personal performance goals. I have surpassed all expectations. I have written songs and have performed within a group and as a soloist on numerous occasions. Yes, I am very grateful!”


“Awesome Voice Coach – My 13 year old loves her weekly voice lesson with Garrett. He is an excellent teacher that brings energy, humor, and fun to every lesson. He has greatly improved my daughters voice strength and range. He is great at explaining things in very simple, relateable terms that are easy to understand and always keeps a very positive attitude. Along with her voice, my daughter’s self-confidence has greatly improved under his tutelage. We are thankful to have found him and can recommend him 100%.”


“Words cannot express my gratitude. Garrett has been a mentor to my son for many years, so much so we fondly refer to him as “Uncle Garrett.” He has become family. He attends my son’s performances when he can. Professionally he has taken him to the next level vocally, and given him confidence in his abilities as a performer. Without Garrett my son wouldn’t have the success on stage that he has achieved since working with him. We cannot thank him enough.”


“Love working with Garrett!! I’ve been looking for a acting teacher in the
STL area and was referred to him. Garrett helped me greatly when it came to preparing for my first Shakespeare play, working on voice projection, character development, and blocking! We have also worked on monologues and cold reading. Garrett works to build both the actors confidence and technique! Thanks Garrett!”


“Garrett States provides a wonderful learning environment for students interested in advancing their vocal and acting skills. With a good St. Louis reputation and wonderful connections Garrett is very helpful in securing auditions as well as aid with lines and songs once cast. Garrett is also very flexible with the level of commitment each student has to theater or vocal performance. Whether a student wishes to work rigorously and contine vocal performance in college, or if a student just needs assistance with songs for school choir, Garrett offers the same professional environement and opportunites. As a student I developed a many helpful skills in both vocal performance and acting that help me in the professional theater community. I would recommend Garrett to anyone looking to further their vocal and acting skills. He is the best of the best that St.Louishas to offer not to mention his many years in the theater business as an actor himself. He knows what the professional theater world commands and has proved to be so helpful in applying and auditioningfor theater programs on a collegiate level.”


“Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” -Berthold Auerbach